Key Indicator 3-3 Research Publication and Awards

Metric No. 3.3.1.

Number of research papers published per teacher in the Journals as notified on UGC CARE list during the last five years.

01. Changes in traditional industries and tribal life – a sociological study
02 Study of family problems of child labor in Anuppur district
03 Political Economy of Growth-Development Asymmetry in India
04 Kinetics and thermodynamics study of mechanistic oxidation of some nitrogenious compounds by selenium dioxide
05 Physical and chemical study of mechanistic oxidation of nitrogenous comp. by selenium Dioxide.
06 Study of the impact of family planning program among women of tribal area (with special reference to Anuppur Janpad Panchayat)
07 Study On Oxidation Of Benzohydrol and p-chlorobenzohydrol by Selenium Dioxide Reaction Kinetics
08 kinetics study of some para-substituted Benzhydrols With SeO2
09 Perception of Sme'son the financial, technical, Infrastructure and marketing Problem policy in Satna Dstrict
10 Trends Analysis & Problems & Prospects of SMES in Satna District in Satna District of M.P
11 On a Quarter Symmetric Metric Connection in on (E)- Kenmotsu Manifold pdf
12 Impact of Sanitation on Economic Growth A Study (With Special Reference to Indore City)
13 Studies on Physico chemical status of two ponds at Shahdol district (M.P.)
14 Ecological Survey of Chaetophorales of two ponds [old and New ] at Shahadol [M.P.] India
15 On a product Semisymmetric Non-metric Connections in Hyperbolic Kahler Manifold
16 Study of teacher problems of Baiga tribe of Anuppur district
17 Role of women entrepreneurs in the current economic scenario
18 Nobel Studies On Some Nitrogenous Organic Compounds by Poltential Applications of Selenium Dioxide as an Oxidizing Agent
19 A Review On The Progress of Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Scheme
20 Study of contribution of Life Insurance Corporation of India